In a recent BBC article on tech trends for 2017, cybersecurity took pole position.

The author quoted Professor Richard Benham, Chairman of the UK’s new National Cyber Management Centre, who warned:

“A major bank will fail as a result of a cyber-attack in 2017 leading to a loss of confidence and a run on that bank.”

There’s no doubt – particularly given the high-profile data compromises in the US (e.g., Yahoo, DNC) and the recent large scale hack on the UK’s Tesco Bank – that consumers and businesses are right to be concerned.

Professor Benham wants to raise awareness of user behaviour, and for us to think about the vulnerabilities that leave us open to hackers and cyber criminals.

However, informed user behaviour will never be a 100% solution, so the more we can do to automatically identify anomalies and patterns in data that alert us to potential threats and enable immediate corrective response, the better.

Companies today face an increasing number of threats across a growing number of channels in their organizations. Historically, enterprises have had to deploy multiple, independent systems, ranging from cybersecurity and compliance, to insider threat, operational risk and surveillance. These systems are often deployed independently across each business and functional line, and produce large volumes of data.

However, there is tremendous value and power that comes from taking a holistic, data-driven approach to addressing all of these threats at the enterprise level, rather than relying on point solutions within each silo. At LigaData, we help our customers leverage the tremendous volume of data produced throughout their enterprise to identify and address each type of security threat in an integrated, continuously improving manner.

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