At LigaData, we are delighted to announce the release of Kamanja v 1.6.2, as well as a new documentation resource.

The LigaData engineering team have just released version 1.6.2 of our open source continuous decisioning software, Kamanja. This release includes a range of new features and adapters, including:

  • Velocity metrics, which can be configured into your application to collect statistics about message processing;
  • The ability to output data to the Parquet file format;
  • Archiving functionality (ability to move source files to a different location on a different file system after they are processed), now supported by the Smart File Input Adapter.
  • Additional configuration options for the Smart File Output Adapter and the ability to consolidate files into configured maximum size.

You can find more details about the features, fixes and changes, and links to download the software on our v.1.6.2 release page.

This is accompanied by a brand new documentation resource at The Kamanja documentation has been restructured and converted to use the RST/Sphinx authoring tools. We will be continuing to review and enhance it in the future, and would welcome your comments. Some of our initial features include:

  • PDFs are available for each title and for each subsection of each title as well as the entire document set; click on the PDF icon in the upper right of each page to download the PDF for that title. Clicking the PDF icon on the documentation landing page gives you a PDF for the entire documentation set.
  • The documentation source is now included in the kamanja github repository. We welcome contributions to the documentation as well as the software; see the Kamanja Contribute web page.
  • LigaPedia: a series of free-standing articles that provides basic definitions of frequently-used terms and links to other documents with additional information.
  • The documentation now includes reference pages for Commands, Configuration files, APIs,adapters, and messages.