LigaData works with enterprises around the world to facilitate true digital transformation.

LigaData’s industrial-grade continuous decisioning systems deliver an integrated data fabric fit for best-of-breed analytics and the latest in AI and RPA.


Our data products provide decisioning insight, whoever (or whatever) you are...


Our Kamanja continuous decisioning engine delivers real-time processing, supplying analytics services with input on the fly.

Handcrafted by LigaData data scientists, Kamanja uses extended lambda architecture for optimal processing (with both batched and streaming data flows). Continuous decisioning is critical when…

• A decision must be made in real time
• Decisions should be based upon incoming event data and multiple sources of stored data
• Changes to stored data should immediately impact decision-making
• Model creation is complicated and requires access to many data points
• Models should adaptively evolve to optimize a decision's performance.

Kamanja can integrate with all manner of models to process your data the way you need it.


LigaData's Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution is a networked overlay that integrates and processes data from myriad sources for insights you can trust.

We know how easy it is to get overwhelmed with the volume and variety of data generated by external and internal sources, and how legacy systems can creak under the strain (sometimes taking their CTOs with them). Whether you're looking for reliable inputs for your KPIs and CRM tools, or building foundations for AI implementations, you'll need data that is clean, accessible and understood.

Using our own Kamanja decisioning engine and best-of-breed open source software, LigaData helps you identify the use cases which will deliver most business impact, and works with your teams to extract, process and deliver insights for true digital transformation.

LigaData's Data as a Service solution

All our products can interface with the latest open source or existing legacy systems.

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Combat cyber attackers by handling threat intelligence quickly and effectively with LigaData's detection and response products.


Drill down into our data science with LigaData white papers

Extending lambda architecture for continuous decisioning

We demonstrate how - with the addition of a single processing layer - lambda architecture can be generalized and extended for continuous decisioning, providing the same benefits of batch- and stream-processing that standard lambda architecture provides to real-time analytics, as well as providing a continuous feedback mechanism relevant for all applications. Read more & download now

Credit card fraud detection with Kamanja

We discuss the problem of fraud on a broad scale, and then focus on credit card fraud detection, including supervised and unsupervised learning.  Then we review current credit card fraud detection solutions, and explore the part LigaData's Kamanja decisioning engine can play in a detection system. Read more & download now

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Reducing false positives. Positively.

September 15, 2018

Anomaly: something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected. In an enterprise’s Security Operations Center (SOC), considerable resources are expended on systems and processes that can identify anomalies: whether they’re in entity (machine) or human behavior. Why? Because an anomaly may be an indicator of compromise that needs investigating. To ensure investigations are … Read More

GDPR and data breaches. A non-trivial issue.

September 15, 2018

European professionals can hardly have missed the imminent arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in European Union states in May 2018 (the UK was not exempt, despite Brexit). GDPR reinforces existing obligations on data controllers and processors, in order to further safeguard individuals’ data. Organizations should be transparent about … Read More

LigaData’s products enable business users to access their big data environment and conduct analysis and targeting hundreds of times a day without the dependency on technical teams.


LigaData's first customer council

We were delighted to welcome Eric Schmidt of Alphabet Inc, Amr Awadallah of Cloudera, Usama Fayyad of Barclays, Jan Rabaey of UC Berkeley and Rajesh Parekh formerly of Groupon as our speakers.

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 With deep experience in data science, LigaData pioneers open-source big data technology for Continuous Decisioning. Founded by Yahoo! execs, LigaData collaborates with some of the world’s largest finance, security, and communications companies to help them to select and deploy custom solutions addressing their specific business challenges.

Bassel Ojjeh
CEO and President

Bassel Ojjeh, co-founder and CEO of LigaData, has dedicated his career to building data technologies and products that drive business performance and revenue. With several patent filings to his name, he has a track record of founding successful data start-ups as well as building large data organizations, at companies including Microsoft, Yahoo! and nPario. His companies have been pioneers in the field of Big Data and behavioral targeting.

Krishna Uppala
Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder Krishna Uppala serves as LigaData Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product Development. He is responsible for driving the ongoing innovation and development that power LigaData solutions. A recognized expert in data warehousing and database analytics, Uppala is the innovator behind 27 data processing and database technology patents.

Darya Nasr
Chief Revenue Officer

Darya Nasr, Chief Revenue Officer, is a successful international executive with three decades of experience in the high technology industry. She has worked for large corporations such as NASA and IBM, as well as startups. Recognized as a leader in growing overall revenue across various product categories and industries, her experiences include projects with American Express, Intel, Boeing, Symantec and Comcast. She is fluent in English, French, Italian and Persian and studied computer science at the University of Maryland.

Mohammad Riyash
Head of Operations

Mohammad Riyash, Head of Operations, has built on a background in information technology to focus on service provision, developing a strong track record in operations and support functions. He now leads LigaData's operations support department, managing teams around the world to deliver the highest levels of service to our customers.


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